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Are you looking for a full or partial kitchen remodel in the Greensboro, North Carolina area?  If so, Kitchen Express NC is here to help!  We have been providing customers in the area with affordable kitchen remodels in a timely manner for over 20 years.  If you have any remodel needs, we would love to help you make your dream kitchen come to life.

When working with Kitchen Express, we do ask that you have at least your kitchen cabinets and countertops replaced in your remodel, as we do not replace single cabinets or other small projects such as replacing a kitchen sink.  We are, however, happy to point you in the right direction with one of our local business recommendations for these smaller services!

Kitchen Express provides multiple available remodel services to choose from.  If you need your kitchen cabinets replaced or refaced, an updated kitchen countertop or backsplash, or even a new flooring, we are here for you.  We provide competitive prices, and some of the quickest remodel estimates around.

Here are a few of the upgrades that we can apply to your kitchen:

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

If your kitchen cabinets feel outdated or need a refresh, or if they have an issue such as water damage, we are available to install new kitchen cabinets in the greater Greensboro, North Carolina area!  When you install new kitchen cabinets in your home, we also pair a new kitchen countertop service with it.

If you are not looking to install brand new cabinets but still want the option to update the look and feel of your kitchen, consider kitchen cabinet refacing.  This provides an affordable alternative to completely replacing everything by placing veneers on the existing cabinets.

Depending on what cabinets you want to install in your kitchen, the price may vary.  We are able to help you find the best time to replace your cabinets as well.  Contact us using the form below so we can work with you to figure out when you should install new kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen Countertop Installation

Here at Kitchen Express, we are happy to help you install new countertops in your space.  Whether you are looking for the most durable kitchen countertops or the most stylish option, we are prepared to help you make that dream a reality.  We have over 20 years of experience and expertise to make the process as easy as possible.  

No matter what questions you may have, we can help you find the answer.  We are able to advise which countertops are heavier, and which ones cannot support hot pans.  The logistics are also something we can walk you through – such as how to measure your counter space and how high your counter should be for maximum productivity.

If you are looking for some examples of the kitchen remodels we have done previously, we are happy to supply you with some before and after photos of remodels we have done in the past for our North Carolina customers.

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

If your kitchen backsplash is no longer looking its best, you may want to contact Kitchen Express NC for a kitchen remodel.  We are able to provide you with an estimate on exactly how much the project will cost once we have an understanding of exactly what’s going on with the condition and needs of your kitchen.

There are many factors that come into play when redoing your kitchen backsplash.  Luckily, many of these factors have to do with the aesthetics of how you want your kitchen – meaning you have control over many of the decisions in this process.  For example, while the average kitchen backsplash should be at least four inches tall, you have the choice to make the backsplash even taller.  There are so many benefits to adding a backsplash into your kitchen that you may have never thought of before.  This goes beyond simply adding aesthetics to the kitchen atmosphere.

Whether you are looking to add a brick, tile, wood, or other material of backsplash to your North Carolina kitchen, we are here to help make your dream a reality at Kitchen Express.

Kitchen Floor Installation

Do you have a certain floor material that you have always wanted to place in your kitchen?  Or maybe your current floors have gotten scratched up and have water damage?  Kitchen Express in Greensboro, North Carolina is here to help you bring your entire kitchen to life.  We can provide you with brand new floors that will change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen for the better.

There is a wide variety of floor materials available to put in your kitchen.  Some of which are extremely easy to maintain and will last your family many years of use.  We are ready to help you decide exactly what will look best and fit into your remodel budget. 

Since people spend so much time in our kitchens cooking, eating, and socializing, we want to make sure your flooring is just right.  Nobody wants to constantly stand on a floor that is too hard or too soft for their liking, and we are sure to provide you with the best floor possible.

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