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November 12, 2021

What Is The Most Durable Kitchen Countertop?

Undoubtedly, the kitchen countertop is an essential component of a kitchen – after all, all of your appliances go on the counter, and it also serves as your workspace. Selecting the perfect material for your kitchen countertop can be a confusing process with so many different options to choose from.

After all, they take up so much space in the kitchen; it is crucial for them to be durable and easy to maintain. But let’s face it, a kitchen countertop that is easy to clean, maintain, and doesn’t show up scratches is a bit challenging to find.

To make things simplified for you, we have listed some top-quality material kitchen countertops that make your kitchen functional and beautiful at the same time.

What Countertop Material Is Easiest To Maintain?

For any homeowner, maintaining a clean kitchen countertop is one of the toughest tasks; almost all the activities in the kitchen usually take place on the counters, including cutting veggies, using appliances, plating the food, etc.

If you plan to splurge on a kitchen countertop, check to see if the material is high maintenance or not. There is an ocean of choices when it comes to the material of kitchen countertops, so it can become a daunting task to select one. Here we have ranked several kitchen countertops on the basis of maintenance. Have a look:

1. Laminate Countertops

When hunting for an affordable kitchen counter that not only looks classy but is pretty easy to maintain, then laminate kitchen countertops will be your best bet. Laminate countertops come in different colors and patterns, making it super customizable to your kitchen. This material is also extremely easy to take care of, and so it is on top of the list.

According to the furniture of your kitchen, you can select the best-looking piece. Unlike stone or wooden countertops, laminate tops do not require any special polishing to keep them looking new. Even after extensive daily usage, you can easily get them replaced once you are bored of their styling.

2. Engineered Stone Countertops / Quartz

These counters are often known as Quartz as well because they are made from quartz crystals and resin. They appear just like a natural stone and offer several merits that a countertop made of natural stone won’t be able to deliver. As compared to its other counterparts, Quartz is easier to maintain.

Moreover, it is durable and hard, thus making it highly resistant to regular wear and tear. Just like the laminate countertop, Quartz also comes in different shades and varieties. Depending on your kitchen requirements, you can select from grayish shades, earthy shades, rose hues, and much more.

3. Stainless Steel

As a low-maintenance kitchen countertop material, stainless steel is also one of the best options that you can consider. It doesn’t require any refinished or sealing once it is installed. You can use any mild soap product and water to clean the surface.

Furthermore, these countertops are heat resistant. It means you can easily keep hot pans, pots, and other utensils without worrying too much. Depending upon your budget, you can select the quality of the material.

Easiest Countertop to Clean?

There is no point of doubt that a kitchen countertop is one of the busiest places in a home. There are many tasks in the kitchen which can’t be ignored and make the counter dirty. For instance, preparing food, unpacking grocery items, serving food, etc.

But sparkling and clean countertops have their own beauty. With the right material installed as a counter, the cleaning process becomes much more simple. Quartz counters are one of the most hygienic countertops that are extremely easy to clean.

Counters made of quartz are non-porous. It means there is no place for any bacteria or germs to hide. With the help of a non-abrasive cleaning cloth, water, and mild soapy product, you can quickly and easily clean your kitchen countertop.

Countertops That Don’t Show Scratches?

Most kitchen countertops manufacturers promote their products as scratch-resistant. However, most of these countertops only resist scratches when they are properly maintained. We’ve listed some kitchen countertop materials that don’t show scratches:

1. Quartz

Quartz is not just easy to maintain and clean; it is also highly resistant to scratches. It is the most scratch-resistant material when normal kitchen conditions are applied. Most scratches appear on counters because of cuts from knives, but you don’t have to worry about this as much with quartz.

2. Granite

The natural beauty of the granite stone makes it perfect for any kitchen aesthetic. It is tough in nature, which is why it is highly resistant to cracks and scratches. It is available in different colors and patterns. Depending on your needs, you can select the quality and pattern of the granite stone.

3. Crushed or Recycled Glass

This material is relatively new on the market. It is one of the durable countertops that looks stunning as well. You can get it installed in acrylic style or in cement. Both look equally beautiful. Crushed glass kitchen countertops don’t burn, chip, or scratch. Just like quartz, they retain their shine for a long period of time.

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