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December 9, 2021

Which Kitchen Floors are Easiest to Maintain?

The kitchen sees a large amount of movement every day.  Between individuals cooking meals, others coming through to grab a snack or a drink, families sitting down for meals, and people congregating to relax and catch up, it is full of commotion.  With so much happening, messes are inevitable.  Food and water get spilled, people and pets track dirt inside, and furniture may cause scratches.

Sometimes, life can get busy, and cleaning the kitchen may fall towards the bottom of the list of priorities.  However, some flooring materials require less maintenance than others, making them a better choice for busy households.  We will detail the pros and cons of several flooring choices, as well as which ones require the least amount of effort to clean.


Vinyl is a relatively inexpensive flooring material that lasts 10-20 years when well maintained.  This material comes in many different options such as sheet, plank, and tile vinyl.  The interesting part about vinyl flooring is that it can actually mimic other types of flooring in design; this way, it can look like wooden flooring or something else.  Additionally, it is a relatively soft flooring option, making it nice to stand on.

The downside of vinyl is that it may warp if exposed to direct sunlight during installation.  This also happens if any particles get trapped under the vinyl as well.  Additionally, heavy furniture placed on the floor without any furniture padding may cause the vinyl to crack or scuff. 

As for maintenance, vinyl flooring is pretty easy to clean.  If it gets dirty, you simply just need to mop, steam, or vacuum it and it’s all good to go.  It requires little to no other upkeep.


Concrete, when well kept, can last indefinitely.  This eco-friendly flooring option can get cold in the winter, but luckily you can actually install heating into it.  This keeps the floor enjoyable during the chillier months.  Concrete is also an eco-friendly option.

The difficult part about concrete flooring is that it can crack, which is why it is extremely important to properly seal it.  Additionally, concrete flooring is susceptible to moisture damage.  Any spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible.  With a wax seal placed over the floor every three to nine months, the floors can last a lifetime.

Concrete is very easy to clean.  As long as it has that wax seal, it will withstand dirt, spills, stains, and any harsh impacts.  You will just need to sweep or mop the floors to keep them looking like new.

Stone Tile

Stone tile provides many design possibilities for homeowners.  They come in endless shapes, colors, sizes, and materials.  This allows them to be placed in many different patterns.  Stone tile includes marble, granite, limestone, slate, etc.  It is also a rather durable material, compared to other flooring options.  Because of these benefits, stone tile can get rather pricey.

Unfortunately, unless properly sealed, stone tile has a porous aspect that makes it susceptible to water damage.  It also chips somewhat easily.

As long as the tile has proper sealant on it, it will stay easy to clean and maintain.  Just give it a proper sweep, vacuum, or dry mop before going over it with a wet mop.  After that, it is good as new.


Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options in a kitchen, as it usually fits well with the rest of the household.  It also increases the value of the home.  Luckily, if well maintained, hardwood floors can last more than a century!  These floors can also be refinished, which makes them last longer.  They are softer and warmer than tile, but unfortunately more expensive than some other flooring options due to the maintenance needs.

Since hardwood is easily water damaged, any spills should get wiped up as soon as possible.  To prevent any dents or scratches, placing pads under furniture will help ease the stress.  Hardwood can be dust mopped or vacuumed – make sure you use the floor-brush attachment of your vacuum.  Occasionally, the hardwood can be mopped with a damp mop.


Laminate flooring looks like hardwood at a lower price point than tile or stone.  This makes it a more attractive option for those trying to save money, but still want a wood floor look.  The difference between laminate and hardwood is that you cannot refinish laminate flooring – once it wears out, you must replace it.  Unfortunately, this means hardwood floors last longer.

While laminate does have issues with moisture – like many other flooring options – it has a clear wear layer on top that helps it resist scratches, dents, and stains.   This also gives it a top surface that cleans easily.  Realistically, you only need to sweep your floors with the occasional mop for deep cleaning.

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