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July 9, 2021

When is the best time to buy kitchen cabinets?

Do you feel like it’s time to replace your kitchen cabinets? If your cabinets are over their expected lifespan or their natural aging is making your kitchen appear dull, then yes, it is time to get some new kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, when homeowners remodel the kitchen with new countertops, their chosen design and color clashes with that of the cabinets. This means they need to change the cabinets too. Working in the same kitchen every day gets rather boring and you may have the overwhelming feeling that you need a change. Getting brand new kitchen cabinets should do the trick.

But it is not as easy as you would think. Cabinet replacement requires both time and money. So, some considerations should be taken care of before you set out to replace your cabinets including whether or not it is the best time to buy kitchen cabinets. Here are the factors affecting your decision of buying new kitchen cabinets:


Remodeling is synonyms with expensive but some tricks allow you to pull it off within a budget. The simplest way to save money on cabinet remodel is to get pre-assembled ones and have them installed by a contractor which will be quick and much less messy. You could also avail of seasonal discounts like Black Friday Deals or buy materials right before holidays for the manufacturers to reduce product pricing before holidays to promote sales because not many people remodel kitchens right before holidays. Other than holiday discounts, seasonal discounts are also available from April to May. But do make sure that you have storage space for the materials you buy during the discount season.


A kitchen is the most used area of a house. During remodeling, the kitchen area is out of commission. So, you may have to make proper arrangements for cooking or dining elsewhere. It would be easier to dine out or order in until your kitchen is ready. If you are replacing the cabinets by yourself, make sure to schedule the installation of new cabinets at a feasible time when the family is around to help your out i.e. on a weekend or during summer vacations or the holidays.


Kitchen cabinets can be remodeled throughout the year. The seasons are not an issue to put off or not do the remodel if you have the time. However, there are times when cabinet remodeling is more convenient in a certain season. Summer is known to be the right time to buy and install new kitchen cabinets. Dry and warm weather makes it easier to find dry surfaces and move around while working. Most people schedule their contractors to install new cabinets in summer. That means the contractor charges and availability during this time may present challenges. They will ask for a higher price when their services are in demand and put off your appointment for days. On the other hand, during the slow season, contractors generally offer convenient rates.

All in All

It would be best to buy your cabinet remodel material at discounts and store them properly until you schedule the remodeling. This way the prices and the timing will easily fit into your budget and schedule respectively.

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