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March 31, 2021

How to tell if kitchen cabinets have been water damaged

There are many different types of materials that cabinets are made out of and all of them show water damage in different ways. 

Kitchen cabinet materials

There are several different types of material that your kitchen cabinet can be made out of. Most kitchen cabinets are made from wood or some kind of wood-based material. Several of these materials include hardwood, medium-density fiberboard, plywood, wood veneer, and particleboard.

Signs of water damaged Cabinets

Different cabinet materials show water damage in different ways. For example, the first giveaway for telling if MDF cabinets are water damaged is if they are swollen in some places. When these types of cabinets have water seeping into them for an extended period, the layers inside the cabinets will become saturated with water and expand. When this happens, your kitchen cabinets will have a bubbled look where damage has been done making them look bad.

One way to tell that wood cabinets have been water damaged is if they are losing their finish or become lighter or darker in color. When a wood cabinet has water sitting on it for a while, the water will start to make the finish of the wood fade and make noticeable marks on the cabinet. If you notice discoloration of your wooden cabinets, it is most likely because you have had water sitting in one place for too long. The issue may be a leaking sink, water coming in from outdoors, or just the occasional splash of water hitting your cabinets over years of time.

How to prevent water damage

Sometimes it is difficult to prevent water damage as you may not always know that it is happening. The cause of the damage could have been a leak in your kitchen faucet that you did not know was there until your cabinets have been soaking in water for several hours or days. This is mostly uncontrollable and sometimes these cases can happen. However, you can prevent your cabinets from receiving water damage when it comes from small instances of letting water sit on your cabinet surfaces without wiping it up. If you notice that you have spilled water onto the front of your cabinets when washing the dishes, always make sure to wipe away excess water!

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