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November 12, 2021

Cost of a Kitchen Backsplash

A backsplash is a piece of material attached to the wall behind a sink or counter, typically in the kitchen. Tiles are one of the most trendy backsplash materials. The primary function of kitchen backsplashes is to create an easy-to-clean surface so that mistakes or splatters, such as spattering cooking oil, do not leave marks on paint or wallpaper. Backsplashes may also provide a pop of color and design to a kitchen. When redesigning your kitchen, you will face a slew of options. Redesigning your kitchen may be difficult, but Kitchen Express in Greensboro, North Carolina is happy to help.

Whether you want to redesign your entire kitchen or add a little style to your area, a new backsplash may make all the difference. It can be challenging to find the correct backsplash for your kitchen and design with hundreds of variations you could choose from.

The cost of adding a kitchen backsplash ranges from $600 to $1,300 on average. However, utilizing more expensive materials such as marble raises the price, while using materials such as tin lowers the cost. Including a backsplash in your kitchen provides an excellent finish and substantially changes the overall appearance of the space. Keep in mind that the price of a kitchen backsplash varies based on numerous things, such as the material used and the style.

What Are The Variables In The Costs Associated With Kitchen Backsplash?

The cost of installing a backsplash is calculated on a per-square-foot basis.

The cost of backsplash installation is mainly determined by the material chosen, and the amount of backsplash required. The typical cost of installing a backsplash is between $15 and $41 per square foot.

Types of Backsplashes

There are several varieties of backsplash materials, each with its own installation cost. Here are a few examples of them:


This is one of the most often utilized backsplash materials, and typically affordable.  However, the cost may rise if the kitchen plan is intricate or if you desire a custom design.


A tin backsplash is not only inexpensive, but it also has aesthetically pleasing design alternatives. It is also relatively simple to clean.


Marble provides a sophisticated, timeless kitchen. Be prepared to pay $10 to $100 per square foot for this more upscale backsplash.

316L stainless steel

It is simple to keep and clean, but it is pricey. It costs roughly $20 per square foot.


Compared to other backsplash materials, glass tiles offer a great deal of customization and versatility.


Brick backsplash adds a warm vibe to your kitchen while also adding an industrial element. Expect to pay between $10 and $40 per square foot.

Kitchen Backsplash Average Cost By Square Footage

The usual kitchen backsplash is around 30 square feet in size and costs approximately $1,500 installed for a basic, white tile 2 with a framed burner area.

What is the typical cost of a kitchen backsplash? Cost of a kitchen backsplash, excluding labor,  is $400 to $600 for every 16 square feet. You may  pay between $300 and $400 per 16 square feet for lower-cost ceramic varieties or between $650 and $1,000 per 16 square feet for high-quality ones.

What Is The Typical Square Footage Needed For Kitchen Backsplash

The square footage needed for your kitchen backsplash depends both on the height of your backsplash, as well as how long you need it to be.  The average height of a kitchen backsplash is four inches tall, however, this is not a mandatory measurement – it depends on the style of your kitchen.

Kitchen Express in Greensboro, NC

One of the most major aspects of kitchen design is the style of the backsplash. With the appropriate wall treatments, you can convert your kitchen from a standard space to one that has a particular position in your house. The above article has mentioned everything you are looking for to protect your kitchen tiles.

If you are looking to add a backsplash to your kitchen or simply renovate the current backsplash in your home, Kitchen Express in Greensboro, NC has over 20 years of experience remodeling kitchens.  We would be more than happy to help you pick the perfect material and style for your kitchen that will last you years and leave your kitchen looking spacious and beautiful.  Contact us today for a free in-home consultation so we can discuss the best options for you.

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