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April 13, 2018

9 Clever Ways to Enhance Functional Kitchen Storage

Ways to Enhance Functional Kitchen Storage

Many of us are overwhelmed by kitchen clutter. Clutter seems to multiply over night by some magical way. Since many people want to reduce clutter and get their kitchens more organized without the expense of a complete kitchen remodel, we thought we’d share some clever and inexpensive ways to enhance functional kitchen storage and kill the clutter:

1) Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers keep cooking and eating utensils easy to find and stops them from working their way to the back of the drawer where they can’t be found. Drawer organizers come in all shapes and sizes and many are adjustable to fit your exact drawer size. Installation takes just a few minutes.

2) Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers can be used in base and wall cabinets. Typically, dividers are installed in narrow base cabinets and deep wall cabinets, like the cabinet over a refrigerator, but you can install them in a wider base cabinet using just a part of the cabinet. You can install the dividers in varying widths to accommodate cutting boards, cookie sheets, pizza pans, and anything that is shallow. Dividers are inexpensive, easy to install, and enhance functional kitchen storage.

3) Utensil Holders

Use a decorative vase or utensil holder to store cooking utensils on the counter top. A decorative piece adds interest to the counter top and keeps the utensils handy. This helps clear up counter or drawer space, makes frequently used items more easy to find, and is a pretty way to maximize your functional kitchen storage.

4) Spice Organizers

Spice organizers come in units that can be installed in a drawer, on the back of a wall cabinet door, or small shelves that you can install in a wall cabinet. The biggest challenge with spice containers is that they come indifferent sizes and shapes. The option that seems to work the best is the shelves that you install in a wall cabinet. The shelves are adjustable and accommodate different sizes and shapes.

5) Rollout Shelves

Rollout shelves can be installed in base cabinets that have a clear opening of 6” or more. Most cabinet manufacturers provide a half shelf in the base cabinet, which is pretty much useless. Two rollout shelves installed in a base cabinet allow full use of the entire space and make it convenient to see and access the contents without crawling on the floor. You can find custom sized rollout shelves online that are reasonably priced and easy to install.

6) Window Shelves

Add a shelf over your window. If you have a window in your kitchen and open space above it, add a shelf for display items, cookware, cookbooks, and anything that you don’t use often. You can find easy to install decorative shelves at most home improvement stores.

7) Optimizing Floor Space

Add a piece of furniture for additional storage. If you have any unused floor space in your kitchen, add a furniture piece instead of ordering a new cabinet. Not only will you increase your storage, but also the furniture piece will add character to your kitchen. You can find small furniture pieces at yard sales, flea markets, and home goods stores.

8) Use Space Above Your Cabinets

Use the space above your wall cabinets. If your wall cabinets don’t go to the ceiling, use the space above for storing large cookware, cookbooks, display items, and anything that you use on rare occasions. It’s an easy way to clear off the counter tops.

9) Designate a Drop Zone

Drop zone. If your kitchen counter tops are used for as a drop zone for keys, wallets, cellphones, etc., keep a small basket on the counter top to keep the clutter in check.

We hope that you can incorporate a few of these ideas into your kitchen to improve the storage and make your kitchen easier to use and fun to cook and entertain in. But, if your kitchen is beyond help, call the experts at Kitchen Express to help you design a new kitchen with lots of storage and accessories that will make your kitchen a joy to use.

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