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May 4, 2018

6 Top Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

6 Top Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Whether you’re cooking on your stovetop or doing the dishes, there’s no question that a kitchen backsplash can save your walls from splatter. For the past several decades, the backsplash has been an essential part of any kitchen remodel. With the trends and technology available to us today, we can combine functionality with the pinnacle of style. These top kitchen backsplash design ideas will help you create a gorgeous focal point for your kitchen.

1) Larger Subway Tile

Subway tile is one of the most timeless styles to put in your home. Most subway tiles of yesteryear are 3″x6″, but larger subway tile is on the rise, with standard dimensions of 4″x8″ or even 4″x12″ are leading trends today. One of the obvious benefits are fewer grout lines to clean, but it can also help make smaller kitchens look larger. Especially if you plan to tile to the ceiling, larger subway tiles can help create a look of continuity. If you need contrast, add a pinstripe tile line of black or even an accenting color to draw the eye. 

2) “Smart” Backsplashes

Laying tile vertically can be one of the most challenging tasks in home remodeling. Failing to line up your tile or grout lines can mean ruining your rows or even future leaks. In the rise of the DIY age, more stores are offering prefab backsplashes in all kinds of colors, patterns, and configurations from fishscale to standard square tiles. Many come on mats that help maintain spacing and connect with each other, making it easier to lay out the backsplashes before grouting. Whether you are installing a backsplash yourself or having a remodeler install it for you, its cost effectiveness and diversity makes it a great choice.

3) Metallic Backsplash Finishes

Once upon a time, sinks, doorknobs, and light fixture plates were the only type of metal finish you could choose for your kitchen. Now, tile comes in various metallic finishes, from stainless steel, copper, bronze, and nickel to gem-like tiles that catch and reflect light. Not only do these types of backsplashes really help accent modern kitchens or wet bar areas, but they also make the most of the light design in your kitchen.

4) Stone Patterns

Granite, quartz, and marble aren’t just for countertops anymore. Today, you can also find stone pattern tiles in as many styles as you can find in countertops in slabbed, tiled, or modular pieces. You can add thin panels of stone from ceiling to floor or even choose tile patterns to cover your walls. Many people choose a color or stone pattern that accents the color of their countertops.

5) Tile Finishes

Depending on the style you hope to achieve, you can also choose the finish and texture of your tile to make it appear aged, worn, or natural. You can choose acid washed tile or tumbled tile to help create a slightly more seasoned look that can tie your kitchen together. When paired with barnwood tile floors or rustic decor, this can help contribute to the unity of the design you’ve chosen. Unlike glossy finishes, the way worn or aged tile looks in lighting tends to be more matted and subdued.

6) Colors & Mixed Media Tile

In defiance of older kitchen styles with muted colors or limited palates that matched a white, black, or chrome set of appliances, kitchens have branched out in many exciting ways. While gray kitchen cabinets are in, colorful appliances and tiles offer beautiful contrast to what used to be a fairly monochrome set of options. You can mix materials like mother of pearl with glass tile for different sheens, colors, and textures. Choose a bright color to pair against your cabinets or countertops. Play with geometry or color for a really bold centerpiece and focal point for the eye.

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