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Kitchen Remodeling Winston Salem NC

Are you looking to remodel your entire kitchen or upgrade a few appliances? Kitchen Express is
the place for you. With over 25 years of experience, our kitchen design experts will provide
the best solutions for your kitchen’s needs. Let’s face it; we spend a lot of time in our kitchen,
whether cooking for the family or hosting a party. Don’t let outdated cabinets and countertops
hold you back from enjoying your kitchen's full potential. From free at-home consultations to
computer-drawn designs of your space, Kitchen Express is the primer store for all your kitchen
needs. We look forward to serving the Winston-Salem community and transforming your kitchen
into a dream space.

Kitchen Cabinets Installation Winston-Salem

At Kitchen Express, we offer various cabinet solutions from modern to traditional styles in
different finishes and wood colors. We also specialize in replacing broken cabinets, whether you
are looking to replace all of your cabinets or completely replace a section. Our cabinet
replacement process is easy and hassle-free. One of our design consultants will schedule an at-
home free consultation and bring different cabinets samples based on your preferences. Next, we
will sketch several computer designs of the changes to your kitchen. After choosing your favorite
cabinets based on the sketches, our team will start the building process. Luckily, our cabinet
remodeling services are relatively fast and only take no more than two weeks.

Kitchen Appliance Installation Winston-Salem

Nothing is worse than outdated appliances not matching your new cabinets. Sometimes simple
changes can make your kitchen space look more modern. We recommend adding a backsplash to
your kitchen. This addition will tie your kitchen’s aesthetics together and protect the walls from
grease, sauce or water splatters while cooking. A modern quartz countertop that compliments
new appliances is also a great addition to making your kitchen look unique. If you are hesitant
about paying for a full kitchen remodel, don’t worry. Kitchen Express offers payment options.
You might also want to slowly upgrade different appliances one piece at a time to spread out the
bills. Regardless of your case, the Kitchen Express team will offer options that fit your price
point while still giving you the dream kitchen you have always wanted. 

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Winston-Salem

It is never too late to update your kitchen. Maybe you have owned your house for 25 years and
have decided to remodel or are a first-time homeowner who purchased an outdated house.
Kitchen Express is the place for you. We offer full kitchen remodeling from new cabinets to
countertops and backsplashes. Unlike most home improvement stores, our at-home consultations
are free of charge in the Winston-Salem area. We never subcontract at Kitchen Express. Our
family team will walk you through the process of designing and building the new kitchen. The
Kitchen Express motto has stayed the same: Treat our customers the way we would like to be
treated, with integrity and respect. Improving a kitchen can be a daunting task, which is why
you should not do it alone. Check out our portfolio and inspiration page to learn more.

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