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Kitchen Remodeling Greensboro, NC

Nothing is worse than decorating your beautiful home but having an outdated kitchen that sticks
out like a sore thumb. Whether you have been living in your house for years or just purchased
your first home, it might be time to remodel your kitchen’s cabinets and appliances. Merely
upgrading the counters to quartz or granite countertops with a trendy backsplash can make all the
difference. Besides the bedroom, kitchens are one of the most spend places in the house, which is
why it’s essential to enjoy your kitchen. At Kitchen Express, we offer fantastic remodeling
solutions for all your kitchen needs. Our family-owned business takes pride in surviving the
Greensboro area. With remodeling plans that take less than two weeks, we make remodeling
painless and easy. Give us a call or check out our portfolio to get ideas for your next kitchen
remodeling project.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Installation in Greensboro

Are your new countertops not matching your cabinets? If you are looking to replace single
damaged cabinets or redo your whole kitchen, Kitchen Express is the place for you. Our cabinets
are made from high-quality wood and offer several different finishes, from modern designs to a
more traditional look. Each project comes with a free consultation and three easy steps to
choosing the dream cabinets for your kitchen. First, we send one of our experienced home
designers to your home with multiple samples. Once you have decided the best cabinet for your
place, we make a computer designed drawing and sent it back to you for approval. If you do not
like the draw up, our team will provide new samples and multiple drawings. Lastly, your order is
approved and submitted. It will only take up to two weeks to remodel your Greensboro kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Backsplash Installation in Greensboro

Have you upgraded your cabinet but realize your appliances don’t match? Don’t worry; this is a
problem among most homeowners. Depending on the amount of money you want to spend, a
complete appliance upgrade can solve the issue. Simple additions, such as granite countertops or
quartz, will make a huge difference. We also recommend installing a backsplash. Not only does
this tie your kitchen together, but it also protects the walls from potential splatters and water
while cooking. Our team also has experience with workout around problematic plumbing and
historical buildings, which require greater attention to details during the design process. Kitchen
Express can’t wait to turn your outdated kitchen into a new trendy area. 

Kitchen Remodeling contractor in Greensboro

Unlike most home improvement stores, Kitchen Express offers free consultation services with
one of our dedicated contractors. This process involved our team assessing the best solutions for
your kitchen that fall within your budget. You might not want to spend a lot of money upfront.
That is understandable, which is why we offer different payment options or ongoing projects.
After upgrading your cabinets, you wait several months or even years to remodel the rest of your
kitchen, including the counter and appliances. We have been remodeling kitchens in the

Greensboro area for over 25 years and are excited to be apart of your next kitchen renovation

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