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October 13, 2021

Do Kitchen Islands Need to be Centered?

Kitchen islands are frequently a must-have in any kitchen. An island is a wonderful area for guests to congregate to drink, eat, and speak while also providing a place to relax.  It’s also a fantastic place to stand and sit, although a kitchen table is more commonly used for sitting. However, when it comes to kitchen islands, do they have to be in the center of the room?

Kitchen islands do not have to be in the center of the room. Kitchen islands should be placed according to their intended usage.

Let’s take a look at the best way to align your kitchen island.

Where are kitchen islands usually placed?

A functioning kitchen island is the number one desire in kitchen design. Kitchen islands may provide extra cooking workspace, seating, and a conversational aspect to the room. The next question is how to decide where the kitchen island should be placed. When it comes to incorporating an island into your plans, there are numerous factors to consider. First and foremost, do you have enough room to install an island while maintaining a space to walk? Remember that your island needs to be surrounded on all sides by plenty of room.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends there should be 42″ of space for the walkway in a kitchen with a single chef, but you’ll need 48″ if you plan to have more than one cook in your kitchen.  This facilitates traffic flow across the room, regardless of how your kitchen is used. While not all kitchen layouts allow for this, it is believed you should incorporate an island into your design if you have a minimum of 36″ between the base and the island, with 48″ being ideal.

Will the kitchen island look bad if it is not centered?

No, the kitchen won’t look bad if the island is not completely centered.  The answer to the question is entirely dependent on the size and layout of the kitchen. Each kitchen will have a unique-sized kitchen island to complement it. Before opting to build a kitchen island, we strongly advise you to measure your space.

It is recommended to find the border of the tile where it joins the next room if there is no wall separating the kitchen and that room.  Martha Stewart has some great tips on selecting your island’s perfect fit in your kitchen.

Kitchen islands should be positioned in the most accessible location within the kitchen in all other instances. It’s possible that location is in the center of your kitchen, but it may also be slightly off to the side. It all relies on the size of your kitchen island and the arrangement of your kitchen.

Do kitchen islands need to be symmetrical?

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and felt like something was really off-beat? You may feel so due to the asymmetrical arrangement of the kitchen space. If the kitchen has an asymmetrical island countertop, it can feel off-putting. A visual balance must be maintained in the kitchen.

A well-balanced kitchen will usually hold a symmetrical island. The main attention goes to the centerpiece of the kitchen, so it is preferred to have a symmetrical island.

There is no such law in the field of design to have symmetrical islands in the kitchen. You can definitely go for any shape, but it may look improper. The room may not feel centered and composed. Another disadvantage of having asymmetrical islands is that the cabinets underneath will suffer. The cabinets will not match up and there will also be an unequal amount of room to store your belongings.

How much space do you need between island and cabinets?

The kitchen island and counters do need a walkway in between them to function properly. The recommended space in-between kitchen worktops can include both the countertops and kitchen islands. For a single cook kitchen, the minimum gap between the kitchen island and cabinets must be at least 42 inches. But if there is more than one cook that may be cooking or working in a kitchen, the minimum gap must be at least 48 inches. This will ensure some space to work around the other cooks in the kitchen. If the gap is too small it will become quite uncomfortable for the person to work and access the cabinets with other people in the way.

Other individuals in the house might come into the kitchen, it becomes really difficult if there isn’t sufficient space there. Please note that the recommended space above creates a distinction between having work aisles and walkways. But if you have some extra space to spare to make the kitchen roomier, it is more than fine to do so.

Can you have a Movable Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands can be moveable – these are often known as rolling carts. They are made differently with a mechanism that allows them to move and shift according to the users’ preferences, such as wheels. While deciding the design you need to be sure if you want the island to be permanent in one place or have a bit of flexibility. Rolling carts can be easy to use and clean. They can be shifted to other places of the house for better functionality. But these movable islands have limitations. They can’t have permanent access to plumbing, electricity, or gas lines. The rolling cart has wheels, is often a trolly, table, or a one entity unit.

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