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July 21, 2022

Do Kitchen Cabinets Need Handles?

When designing a kitchen, no matter the style, you want it to have a clean and tidy look.  When everything is in its proper spot, you do not want your kitchen to look messy or overwhelmingly busy.  Some individuals feel that the handles on their cabinetry makes the kitchen look busy – others may decide it simply isn’t the right look for their kitchen.

Luckily, there is invisible cabinet hardware available!  This type of handle provides a look that seems like there are no handles on the cabinets.  We will discuss the pros and cons of having handles on your cabinetry, versus having the invisible handle.

What is an Invisible Handle?

When you refer to a handleless cabinet, you are actually referring to a cabinet with an invisible handle.  After all, you do need to be able to open the cabinet!  They simply have a smooth, seamless look that gives the impression of having no handle.  There are a few different types of handleless or invisible handle cabinets.

True Handleless

A true handleless cabinet really does not have any sort of handle on it.  This may seem confusing – how are you supposed to open the cabinet?  Most times, there is a small rail that is installed behind the cabinet itself.  This rail, typically at the top of the cabinet, provides enough space for you to reach your fingers around and pull the cabinet open.  So, while it truly is handleless, you are able to still open the cabinet.

Finger Pull

If you have a finger pull cabinet, you will find a groove at the top of it that is designed to be the handle.  The difference is that it is an inverted handle, rather than a typical handle you are used to seeing.  Sometimes, the finger pull will run the entire length of the top of the cabinet, while other times it is only a specific indent.

Push Latch

The push latch is a spring-loaded latch inside of the cabinet.  When you push on the cabinet, the latch releases, allowing the cabinet to open.  These cabinets can be beneficial if you have your hands full, as you do not need to use your hands to open them.  They can be opened with an elbow, a hip, or a knee – anything where you can push the cabinet.

Hidden Pull

A hidden pull cabinet is a small handle that will be flat against the cabinet itself.  It is small enough that it is still hidden for that invisible feel, while also still providing a handle.  The handle will create a lip that you pull on and open the cabinet that way.  Many individuals do not consider this a handleless cabinet as there is still a handle on it – no matter how small.

Pros of Real Cabinet Handles

It is not hard to think of the benefits of having handles on the cabinets in your kitchen.  Let’s discuss some of those benefits.

  • While having invisible handles is a popular trend right now, trends do come and go.  Obviously, cabinets have always had handles on them – if you want a kitchen that will feel timeless, you may want to consider a design that will also be used for a long time.
  • If you are looking to keep your kitchen remodel to a tight budget, you may want to opt for cabinets with handles.  This might sound counterintuitive – after all, aren’t you including extra hardware?  However, due to the mechanics and design of a handleless cabinet, it actually often makes them more expensive.  With that said, cabinets with handles will often fit a budget better.
  • There are many different styles of handles that you can put on your cabinets.  This opportunity to show your personal style.  There are many different styles of cabinet handles available to choose from, and you are sure to find one that matches your kitchen perfectly.

Opting for Invisible Handles

Like any design element, you will not only find benefits to it, but also drawbacks as well.  Let’s consider some of the drawbacks of having handles on your cabinets, in favor of invisible handles on your cabinets.

  • If you have young children in your home, not having cabinet handles can be a safety hazard. Those little hands can easily open cabinets and drawers, and before you know it, they’re pulling everything out and making a mess!  Not only that, but your children will not accidentally bump into them and hurt themselves – we all know the feeling of a little one running into a handle on a drawer or any other sharp corner.
  • Cabinet handles provide another surface that you need to clean in your kitchen.  Not only that, but they are frequently touched on a day-to-day basis, requiring even more frequent cleaning.  If you opt for invisible cabinet handles, the cleaning process becomes easier.  You only need to wipe down one smooth surface, rather than having to worry about making sure you clean the handles properly.
  • The invisible handles on kitchen cabinets provide a sleek and minimalistic look in your home that is becoming more and more popular.

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