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Why You Should Consider Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Instead of Cabinet Refacing

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing (also known as cabinet resurfacing) uses your existing cabinets and glues new wood over the cabinet exterior and installs new doors and drawer fronts along with new hinges and hardware. The promoted advantage is that your kitchen is not torn up for an extended period of time and you can use your kitchen while the installation is in progress. A typical cabinet refacing job takes three to five days.

How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost?

Proponents of cabinet refacing claim that refacing cost about half as much as new cabinets—but half as much of what new cabinet? Kitchen cabinetry comes in many price ranges from cheap to very expensive. So is the cost of refacing half the cost of a cheap cabinet or half the cost of a luxury high-end cabinet? We have found that our new cabinetry is comparable to cabinet refacing and can be less.

Cabinet Refacing Pros:

  • You can still use your kitchen while the work is being done.
  • You can keep your existing counter tops and appliances.
  • Large selection of cabinet door/drawer styles and finishes.
  • You can add new cabinets if needed.

Cabinet Refacing Cons:

  • Cabinet refacing creates a lot of dust because the cabinets have to be sanded before gluing the wood facing onto the cabinets.
  • The wood facing is glued on and could separate if not installed properly.
  • Changing the design or layout is expensive. For example, If you want to change a standard base cabinet to a drawer base, it will be expensive.
  • The cabinet interiors remain the same. Non-adjustable shelves remain.
  • If you want to replaced your counter tops, the construction adhesive, screws, and or nails used to attach the counter tops to the base cabinets often damages the base cabinets during removal.
  • Adding cabinets is very expensive. A custom cabinet must be built and then refaced.
  • Unless you pay a premium, you’ll have the same drawer guides.

Why Kitchen Express Instead of Refacing?

  • Many kitchens can be completely remodeled in a week.
  • We can modify your design and make your kitchen function better.
  • Kitchen Express offers all the latest door styles and finishes.
  • Our quality all-wood cabinetry is competitively priced with refacing—so why not get new cabinets with clean interiors?
  • Our cabinets are all wood and come standard with soft close door and drawer guides, adjustable shelves, and dovetailed solid hardwood drawer boxes.
  • Upfit your kitchen with features that add convenience and organization.
  • We handle the complete process: cabinets, countertops, electrical, plumbing, and appliance installation.

The Next Step to a New Kitchen:

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